Keystone Real Estate is a boutique residential property management company.  Avoiding the all-things-to-all-people model, we do one thing and we do it well: we concentrate on well-kept management of single unit and small multi-unit residential properties.  While our hands-on approach allows for excellent care of properties and fair treatment of clients and customers, our systems, processes, and standards ensure that our heightened requirements are met and our values adhered to.


We Charge a Flat Fee For Our Services


While the industry as a whole continues to conduct business the same way it was done a decade ago and charge the same way it always has been, we took a fresh look at what works and what doesn’t in this Internet age.  As a property management company, what we do doesn’t differ much from other management companies.  We all provide the same general services: find a tenant, make sure rent is paid and keep the property maintained.  Where we can differentiate ourselves is how we provide these services, our communication to tenants and owners, and our fee structure.  what we have built (and continue to refine) with Keystone Property Management are processes and systems that enable us to deliver these core property management services as efficiently as possible.


Traditionally, our industry charges a leasing fee (what we call Tenant Placement) and a monthly management fee both based on how much rent your property gets. For instance, the leasing fee is commonly one month’s rent and the monthly management fee is 10% of one month’s rent. However, the same set of services and work are done for all properties, so how does it make sense that one property costs $1000 to lease out while another costs $1750 and yet another is charged $3000, etc  It would be similar to you and I buying the same cup of coffee yet we’re charged based on our net worth.  It just doesn’t make sense.  Keystone Property Management is a little bit different in that we don’t believe that our fees should be based on how much your place rents for.  So this is what we put together.


                                 •   Tenant Placement

                    •   Tenant Screening

                    •   Management Services

                    •   Maintenance Services

                    •   Flat Fee Pricing