Move Out Cleaning Check List

This list will be used as a guide to determining the security deposit refund amount.



1. All trash & debris must be removed.

2. Wash all windows & sills inside. Clean out window tracks.

3. Wash inside and outside of front and back doors.

4. Clean out fireplace if applicable, sweep debris carefully.

5. Clean all corners for dust and cobwebs.

6. Dust/wash all baseboards, trim and base molding.

7. Wash all dirt, grease, mold and/or marks off the walls.

8. Wash all vinyl and tile floors.

9. All carpeting vacuumed and shampoo’d (provide carpet cleaning receipt).

10. Clean all light fixtures & ceiling fan blades.

11. Replace all burned out light bulbs.

12. Clean all switch plates.

13. Dust and clean all blinds as needed to look new.

14. Clean all casings around doors and window tracks.

15. Clean ceiling air return grills.

16. Replace furnace filter.

17. Replace smoke detector batteries as needed.

18. Sweep porch and deck areas.

19. Mow and edge grass, weed flower beds, remove all yard debris.

20. Clean out all gutters on the home.




1. Clean kitchen floor, including under the movable appliances.

2. Clean and shine chrome faucets and basin.

3. Clean all appliances completely to look new including microwave and dishwasher, stove

and refrigerator.




1. Wash inside of refrigerator with warm water, including door and shelves.

2. Take out vegetable drawers and wash in warm water, dry and replace.

3. Wash and dry outside of refrigerator.

4. Remove and wash front grill.

5. Move refrigerator out from wall and clean underneath and behind.

6. Freezer cleaned and defrosted.




1. Remove and wash racks, replace drip pans if necessary.

2. Clean inside of oven, top of stove, under elements.

3. Remove all knobs and clean.

4. Remove lower drawer and clean under stove.

5. Wash and dry outside of stove.

6. Clean stove vent hood including filter and any grills.



Cabinets and Drawers:

1. Wash cupboards inside and out. Remove any shelf paper.

2. Wipe out drawers with damp rag.

3. Clean sink and counter tops.




1. Wash down tiles.

2. Clean bathtub, sink, door and fixtures.

3. Clean inside and outside of toilet and its base.

4. Clean the inside of medicine cabinet.

5. Clean ceiling vent fan.

6. Polish towel racks, soap dish, and toilet paper holder.

7. Wash mirror.

8. Scrub floor.



Sliding glass doors:

1. Clean/vacuum dirt from tracks.

2. Vacuum screen.

3. Clean window inside and outside.