Tenant Placement


For homeowners that would like to do their own management, rent collections and maintenance we offer tenant placement services in which we will conduct a rental evaluation to determine the rental value, handle the advertising, tenant selection and screening, lease execution, move the tenant in and then turn everything over to you.


Our fee for Tenant Placement without

Property Management - $750 per unit


We Provide Comprehensive Information

The rental rate that is charged for a home is a major factor in determining how quickly or efficiently that the home can be rented out.  Charge too little and you will be missing some income on your home investment.  Charge too much and tenants will look elsewhere.  We provide you with a comprehensive listing of rental homes that are comparable to yours for both current available rentals and rentals that have been leased over the previous 90 days.  This provides you with the best information that will aid in setting the correct rental rate.


Comprehensive Cost Comparison



We Take Great Pictures

When people shop on the Internet they expect and want to see as much of the home as possible before visiting the property and putting an application for the home.  We believe in providing as many and the best pictures to better increase the interest in the home.  We use a high quality digital SLR camera for all of our photos.




We Include Detailed Information About The Home


We feel the more information that a potential tenant has about the home the better chance of them following through with a viewing of the home and placing an application on the home.  We gather as much information about the home and we include a complete description with each listing.





We Have Vast Internet Advertising


Over 90% of people looking for a home to buy or rent start their searches on the Internet. The old method of simply placing a rental property in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and waiting for another real estate agent to bring a qualified tenant to the table is not effective in this new world of 24-hour instant access to information.  We distribute our listing information to more than 50 real estate websites. This type of Internet presence makes sure that your property is seen by thousands of people each day.




We Pay a Co-Op Commission

We offer other licensed Real Estate Agents a commission if they bring a qualified tenant that signs a one year lease.  This greatly opens up the number of potential qualified tenants that could be searching for your home.





We Provide Tenant Background Screening


Tenant selection is one of the most important services we offer to you. We know the value of a good tenant. We use a third-party screening company to screen the applicants. The criteria for screening the tenants includes a national credit check to ensure that they have good credit, a criminal background check showing no felony records, an eviction search showing no prior evictions. We verify their previous mortgage or rental history and their income through most recent pay stubs or tax returns for those self employed or retired.


Tenant Background Search



We Respond to Tenants Quickly


Responding to tenants is key to the successful leasing of your home.  We do not utilize office phone systems that send the caller everywhere but where they want to be.  We answer the phone with a live person and usually after the first ring.  Tenants can contact us by phone, email, text or any other way that they wish.


Telephone Man




We Get a Signed Lease


We utilize a standard Georgia MLS lease agreement if the home is going to be managed by the landlord.  We utilize a Keystone in-house lease agreement if we are going to be providing on going property management. The completed lease is explained to tenants in great detail to insure that there are no misunderstandings as the lease goes into effect.  Renter's insurance is strongly recommended to the incoming tenants.


Lease Agreement



We Perform the Move-In Inspection


A security deposit is money that is owned by the tenant but held by the landlord while they lease the property and is used at the end of the lease as payment for any damage when the tenants move out.  It is important to have a well documented Move-In inspection that will show any damage created during the lease term.  We walk through the home with the tenants at move-in checking for wear and tear and any defects, damages or malfunctioning utilities, plumbing or electrical problems, etc., that may have been overlooked by the landlord or property manager during the move out inspection of the property after the previous tenant had vacated.  The inspection results will be documented in detail by us, with copies submitted to landlord and tenant. 


Move-In Inspection

Call Keystone Real Estate to assist in finding a qualified Tenant for your investment property.







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